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Casino gaming is almost universally popular. In the UK, more than 45% of British adults participate in betting in some form or other. The split between physical and online gambling almost 50/50. So, we can say that a quarter of all adults in the UK are fans of online gambling and online casinos.

There’s a ton of variation within this quarter of the population. Every gender and social class are represented. You can’t rule anyone out. Someone working as a server at a restaurant and the wealthy businessman they are serving could both have the same pastime – playing casino games.

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About High Roller Slots in the United Kingdom

However, that doesn’t mean they play the exact same titles. For starters, they probably have very different approaches to it. Someone who does not have much spare money will target free games or low bet titles where they can play a lot for only a small amount of cash. Their bankroll will probably be in the order of £10 or less per week. According to statistics, the average person in the UK bets £2.57 in a week.

By contrast, a wealthy gambler can blow through ten times that much in a single bet. Expect to see them spending thousands of pounds and earning it all back every night. We have a term to separate the wealthy folk from average casino gamers – high rollers.

Keep reading to get a glimpse into their life, as well as find out what type of casino games they prefer. We will even try out a few titles aimed at them and check out what the experience is like, before recommending the best free high roller slots out there.

How to choose best high roller slots in UK

Even if the number of such titles is limited, there are dozens of games to go through. Your time is valuable, so you obviously shouldn’t waste it playing low-quality free high roller slots! To find the best games, you can check out our reviews. 

We pick out recently released titles from various top-tier casino software providers such as Aiwin Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, and others. Some of these studios have been developing online casino games for more than two decades, so there’s plenty of experience to go around. They know exactly how to make a game appealing to a player.

Some of the criteria we use to judge a slots title include:

  • High Betting Ranges

The betting range is the most important factor to consider here. We’ve picked out slots that have maximum betting ranges in the three-digits. Occasionally, we’ll also pick out a title that has lower stakes but is amazing in all other aspects.

  • Exciting Gameplay and Bonuses

The core gameplay of every slot game, whether they are 3-reel or 5-reel, is the same. What distinguishes one title from another are the mechanics and bonus features in the game. 

Some games use different systems like cluster pays or avalanches. Other games will have lots of free spins, wild symbols, scatter bonuses and extra rounds. These bonuses, as well as multipliers and cash rewards, can lead to huge payouts worthy of a high roller!

  • Theme, Visuals and Soundtrack

While not the most important factor immediately, a game should be as attractive and immersive as possible. You’re going to be staring at the screen for a while, so it’s a good idea to make sure you actually like what you’re looking at. Good graphics, crisp visuals, smooth and flashy animations, and an immersive soundtrack all contribute to this.

  • Payouts

Just because you’re a high roller doesn’t mean money is important. Slot games usually have a payout between 94% and 96%. This is not a lot compared to other table games, so those who are playing for real money may be turned away. Fortunately, there are some free high roller slots as well as titles with 97% or more returns that are more popular.

How to Play High Roller Slots?

High Roller slots have almost the same gameplay as normal slots. You can place your bet, then spin the reels or use Auto-Play. The only notable difference will be in stake limits or betting sizes. Instead of topping out at a measly £50 or £100, you can expect the maximum limit to go up even more.

These slots are not very easy to find. The population of high rollers is very small compared to the rest of the average casino gamers. This is why only a few casino sites and software developers focus on making games with such high wagering limits. Each game is balanced around the betting amounts, so it isn’t possible to simply raise the stake limits on the fly.

Some of the top casino sites we have found include Jack 21, Lucky Luke and Lucky Tiger. Since they target wealthy players, they have big welcome bonuses that are enticing for them. You can check out these sites and activate their welcome bonuses from right here!


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