Cookie Statement Policy

We use Cookies

Our website employs cookies to enhance your experience, providing tailored services and features. These cookies are essential for recognizing your preferences, ensuring a smoother and more personalized navigation experience on our site.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files stored on your device that help websites remember your information and preferences for future visits. This technology enables the site to recall your previous activities and settings, like login details, language choices, and display preferences, streamlining your interactions and enhancing your user experience.

Cookie Preferences and Your Control

Our site respects your choices, not using or storing cookies without your explicit consent. While cookies enhance site functionality, you can navigate our website without them, though this may lead to limited feature availability and slower performance. You have the flexibility to disable or delete cookies through your browser settings at any time. For detailed instructions on managing cookie settings, visit Please note, opting out of cookies might impact your user experience and site functionality.

Cookie classifications

  1. Essential Cookies: Required for the core functionalities of the site, ensuring optimal operation and user security.

  2. Duration-Based Cookies: These include session cookies, which are temporary and deleted after your visit, and persistent cookies, which remain longer to remember your preferences across sessions.

Each cookie, whether set by us or a third-party provider, is designed to enhance your browsing experience.

Technical necessity

From a technical standpoint, cookies fall into two categories:

  1. Necessary: These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website and its features. They are automatically deployed on your device unless you choose to disable them through your browser settings.

  2. Non-Necessary: While not critical for website functionality, these cookies enhance user experience by storing preferences and optimizing site interactions. Additionally, we may use non-necessary cookies to gather data on how specific parts of our website are used, allowing us to tailor our services accordingly.

Time spent in storage

  1. Session Cookies: These cookies are essential only for the duration of your visit to the website. They are immediately deleted once you leave the session or when it expires. For instance, session cookies may be used to temporarily store specific information during your browsing session.

  2. Permanent Cookies: Unlike session cookies, permanent cookies are stored for a longer period. They help us remember your preferences and access settings when you return to the website after some time. This enables you to navigate the website more efficiently without having to re-enter or select certain data, such as language preferences. Permanent cookies can be removed, but they typically expire after a predetermined amount of time.

  3. Flow Cookies: Internal communication within our corporate group may necessitate the use of flow cookies. These cookies are assigned a unique identification number and are automatically installed on your device when you visit the website. However, they are deleted immediately after you finish navigating. It`s important to note that flow cookies do not grant us the capability or authority to draw conclusions about our users.

Cookie Providers

Provider cookies, also referred to as third-party cookies, are established by the operator of our website. They are stored and utilized by other websites and various entities, such as web analytics tools. Additionally, external providers like social plugins may employ cookies for advertising purposes or to integrate content from social networks. For further details, please refer to the corresponding section in this cookie policy.

Use of cookies for Web analytics and reach measurement

We employ the Google Analytics tool to gauge the frequency of use of specific sections of our website and to understand our users` preferences.

This tool generates information about your website activity, utilizing your truncated IP address, which is then transmitted to Google servers in the USA. This data is incorporated into the website`s utilization assessment and provides us with activity reports, along with insights into other interconnected websites and internet services. If required by law or by a third party acting on behalf of Google, this data may be shared with other parties.

To opt out of Google Analytics tracking on our website, you can utilize a browser add-on available at The opt-out information is stored on your device and linked to your Google Analytics opt-out preference. Please note that this action only disables the tool for the specific device and browser used for the opt-out. Additionally, deleting cookies from your device may necessitate restarting it.

Here are some of the most common cookies we utilize:

Google Analytics: This cookie, set up by Google, tracks your internet activity, enabling us to gather information on how frequently users visit our site. This data includes the time of your visit, pages accessed (in the case of returning visitors), and the websites visited prior to ours. Facebook Pixel: This cookie, established by Facebook, is utilized for tracking, customizing, and expanding our website`s audience for social media marketing campaigns. One Signal: This cookie helps the website remember whether you agreed to receive push notifications upon registration, facilitating customization of our alerts. VWO: Used to set cookies in both end users` and customer`s browsers to remember the user. No personal information is stored through cookies. Occasionally, browser web storage or similar methods are employed to locally store and retain data on your computer. Hotjar: This cookie, set by Hotjar, collects non-personal information to enhance your experience, diagnose technical issues, and perform analysis. AdWords: This cookie is employed for pay-per-click (PPR) ads. Cloudflare: These cookies implement security settings specific to the client on the website.

Changes to the Policy

Periodically, we update our cookie policy. Any revisions are publicly posted on this page.